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Guangzhou Garbo International Trading Co., Ltd. is a large-scale Industry and trade integration enterprise, specializing in the research,design, production and marketing of daily glassware products.From the founded year1993, Garbo keep focusing on the R & D and marketing of glassware ,With advanced market operation experience, strict quality control system, excellent brand management, and mature supply chain management system.we continuously maintains real-time communication with domestic and foreign glassware manufacturers, becomes the strategic ODM & OEM partner of some international brands, and forms an efficient closed-loop supply chain management system.

In the course of more than 25 years of daily glassware industry, Garbo International has always adhered to the core values of "responsibility, sharing, inclusiveness, Sincerity, innovation and  Win-win situation". Take"Do it today" as the work philosophy, and "Better glassware better life" as the company mission, Garbo constantly upgrade product quality, enrich product categories, deeply cultivate regional market segments, and continue to provide consumers with more complete, quality products and services! And also include stainless steel, kitchen utensil, daily used ceramic R&D, production and marking service.

Garbo International currently owns a large cargo circulation storage and distribution  warehouse with a total area of more than 15,000 square meters of self-operated properties in Panyu District, Guangzhou. The product inventory is millions of pieces, ensuring the needs of domestic channel of the Garbo brand. And also have a circulation warehouse more than 10,000 square meters in Fengyang, Anhui Province, as an international channel supply management base for the Garbo brand.Garbo has a complete product chain R&D and management capabilities. The current products varieties include: daily glass water cups, glass mugs, fruit plates, fruit bowls, vases, ashtrays, jugs, bottles and jars, high borosilicate glass products, lead-free crystal goblets , opal glass, decoration items, daily ceramic ware, stainless steel flatware and kitchen utensil products, etc.

Garbo International established the Import and Export department in 2011, committed to international leadership, regional targeting, and sustainable innovation in R&D and design of daily-use glass products, to build a complete supply chain management system and to precipitate an organization and operation structure with efficient services. After nearly ten years of precipitation, the export side has grown into a corporate organization that is skilled in coordinating and operating the entire process of export affairs; the import side maintains real-time technical exchanges and joint product development with first-line European and American brands. The international brands that act or cooperate with are: French ARC bow and arrow, American LIBBEY Libby, Thailand OCEAN Ou Xin, Japan SOGA, Czech Republic (BOHEMIA Bohemia, RONA Rhone), Italy (RCR, DUENDE, BORMIOLI, VIDIVI Vedive), Germany (SPIEGELAU poetry cupke Le, WALTHER, SCHOTT Schott), Austria RIEDEL Liduo, Turkey PASABAHCE, etc.

  Better Glassware Better Life!